Moss/Dirt Overlay

This material allows you complete control over moss grown over any surface:

The material will also work for other sort of growth on surfaces; this could be grime and water damage as well!

What this material could be used for:

    • Old wooden floor
    • Cracks in tiles
    • Damaged structures
  • Anything which has any moss or dirt on it


This material will give you complete control over natural damage to a surface, here is how:

  1. The material uses one noise texture to get the base information needed to know where moss occurs.
  2. Using this noise information the material will check in the light areas where the original surface has dark grooves or indentations and create a BW image to show where moss or dirt will grow.
  3. Using the information above the material will place the dirt/moss shader underneath the surface shader
  4. All of the above uses the variables you put in to alter the power and the size of each dark and light point

What each variable does: (bold- control the effect of the moss/grim on surface)

  • Moss diffuse-                                     The surface texture of your moss or dirt
  • Floor Diffuse colour-                             The surface texture of your floor (wood)
  • Floor diffuse random darkness-            The colour tint to add extra interest/realism
  • Floor diffuse random darkness power-   How much is the dirt/moss affected by the tint
  • Floor diffuse random darkness noise-    The noise pattern for the colour tint
  • Floor diffuse random darkness noise distort-      The distortion of the noise
  • Floor displacement texture -                Texture used to displace the floor
  • Moss coverage-                                 How much of the floor can have moss/dirt
    • Moss noise distortion-            The distortion pattern for the moss/dirt coverage
    • Moss noise scale-                  How large is the noise which affects the surface
  • Moss age-                                          How strong the moss/dirt is on the surface
  • Moss displacement-                            How bumpy the moss/dirt is (value)
  • Moss displacement coverage          Controls how sharp the edges of no moss and moss is
  • Moss v.s. floor-                                  How much the floor texture is used to control the moss
  • Moss fullness-                                   How strong the noise pattern is for the moss/dirt
  • Moss Gloss-                                        How shiny is the moss/dirt
  • Moss gloss roughness-                       How rough is the moss/dirt
  • Floor gloss-                                         How shiny is the floor
  • Floor displacement-                             How bumpy is the floor
  • Category: Wood
  • Engine: Cycles
  • Author: jakaboxjumping