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  • 06 feb 2015
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A displacement based stone with cracks. Parameters: - Main Color: The base color of the stone. - Weathered Color: Color on weathering - Waethering Map: The waethering map to use. - Color Variation Scale: The scale of the color noise. - Color Variation Strength: The strength of the color noise. - Minimum Gloss: Base gloss of the stone. - Maximum Gloss: Gloss on weathering. - Roughness: Roughness of the stone. - Displacement Scale: The scale of the displacement noise. - Displacement Strength: The strength of the displacement noise. - Cracks Scale: How many cracks should be on the stone. - Cracks Width: How wide the cracks should be. - Cracks Strength: How strong cracks should be. - Texture Coordinate: The coordinate of textures.